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Canadian Log Products

Imagine having your property prepared, your materials on hand and having your custom log building reconstructed on the site within days, virtually eliminating the huge cost of labor traditionally involved in a natural log structure!
These are not milled logs.
100% Handcrafted log shells.
High Quality Canadian Logs, Custom Scribe, Norwegion Notch, Prebuilt Narural Log Buildings.
Quality is Value
Highest Standards in the Log Home Industry
We are here to help you realize your log home dreams.  
We can help you make your home plans come true with a high quality, affordable product. Plans are available at Dirkson Design for log home packages and interior walls can be moved or changed without much affect on the final price. Or feel free to fax or email a copy of your drawing to get a quote.

Log Shell Packages include natural full length, at least 10 to 12 inch at the top and 16 to 18 inches at the butt. All logs are hand picked, peeled, carefully sanded to a smooth and lustrous finish, hand scribed and Norwegian notched. The log shell is then tagged and numbered to be re-erected at the owners building site in a matter of mere days with a fairly small crew. Let the experts do the logwork. It takes them much less time (six to eight weeks of construction time in the log yard) and they really know what they are doing because this is their specialty.

Build a higher quality, energy efficient home, using the Canadian products that are available to Alaskans. These log shell packages are above the average quality log "kit". The logs available in Canada are above the average quality in Alaska. Make use of the fact that we are close to Canada, and the current exchange rates. Your dealer in Alaska for Superior Log Homes. Contact us for a quote on a log building.

Hire a local contractor of your choice to do the rest of the house. This way you save labor dollars (log reconstruction time is minimal) and still have a chance to work with a contractor of your choice that will be nearby when you need them. This also gives you much more freedom to choose a contractor you know you can work with.

Melody Martiniuk
1318 Alaska Highway
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Sales of Canadian Natural Log Shell Packages in Alaska
Lasting Quality
Ease of Reconstruction
Elimination of Labor Cost

Contact: Melody Martiniuk 1318 Alaska Highway, PO Box 639,Tok, Alaska 99780-0639
Email AlcanLogHomes Phone (907)244-1816, Fax (907)883-3966
High Quality Canadian Logs, Custom Scribe, Norwegion Notch, Prebuilt Narural Log Shells.